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What to do when your iPhone gets wet

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What to do when your iPhone gets wet

What to do when your iPhone gets wet – Unfortunately accidents do happen. Regardless of whether it’s plummeted into a drink, taken a splash in a bath, or worse still, suffered the indignity of dropping head first into the toilet, make no mistake, your iPhone is in big trouble. However, this does not necessarily mean the end of your iPhone. There are a few ways you can dry out your iPhone properly after an unwelcome splash, and here’s how…

what to do when your iphone gets wet







Never the turn the iPhone on!

Fish the phone out of the water and turn it off if. Then, remove the SIM and rub the phone with a dry cloth or towel. You should also give it a good shake to remove any standing water from its ports.

At this stage it’s best to brace yourself for the worst. There is a chance your beloved iPhone screen will never flicker back to life; however, you also have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it every chance to make a full recovery.

The rice trick

The bowl of dry rice is an age old iPhone repair trick that could help to bring your device back to life (Never assume this is a miracle cure and your phone will work as it once did, it is still always recommended to visit your local repair center to give it the once over). Rice is incredibly absorbent, so simply put a couple of handfuls of rice in a bowl, place your iPhone in the bowl covered by the rice, and wait for 24 hours for the rice to do its thing.

Once you’ve waited a full 24 hours, reassemble the iPhone and try to switch it on. If it doesn’t work, it’s back in the rice it goes for another 24 hours. It could take three of four days before your iPhone screen bursts back into life. Alternatively, the lights may be well and truly out.

What else can you try?

Airing cupboards are warm, dry places, and the perfect spot for a wet iPhone. Even better is to put the rice bowl containing your device into the airing cupboard, as this may help to draw out the remaining moisture. DO NOT put the iPhone on any exposed pipes or any other hot spots.

Under no circumstances should you…

  • Put a water damaged iPhone in the tumble dryer (even if it’s placed in a sock or pillow case for protection)
  • Leave your iPhone on the radiator
  • Try to dry your iPhone with a hair dryer

If the dry rice or some quiet time in the airing cupboard doesn’t do the trick, you’re going to have to take a trip to A2B Computer Services. iPhones have internal liquid detectors so there’s no point trying to invent another story; instead, be honest and hope for the best.

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