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Tips to Improve iPhone battery life in Norwich

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Tips to Improve iPhone battery life in Norwich

Tips to Improve iPhone battery life

Tips to improve iPhone battery life – Is your iPhone spending more time on charge than it is in your pocket? You might consider your iPhone to be one of the wonders of modern technology, but when it’s out of juice, it’s little more than a nicely designed metal slab. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 8 battery saving tips to breathe some life back into your iPhone battery…

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Prevent the search for a signal

A weak signal is one of the biggest causes of rapid battery drain as your phone desperately searches for a signal that simply isn’t there. If you find yourself in an area with a weak signal for a decent length of time, switch aeroplane mode on to stop the constant searching.

Use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data

Wi-Fi creates a more stable signal and bypasses the juice sucking search for a signal you get with cellular data.

Reduce background refreshing

We like to think that simply swiping our apps closed is enough to shut them down, but to have any significant effect you really need to head over to Settings – General – Background App Refresh, to really make a difference. Allowing apps to constantly refresh is a huge drain on your battery, so make sure you turn off everything you don’t need. Your apps will still refresh when you load them up, which is a lot kinder on your battery.

Turn off location tracking

Location tracking eats into battery life and actually provides very little benefit unless you’re using the Maps app. Simply select the apps you don’t want to track you, or go to Settings – Privacy – Location Services to kill it completely.

Turn on auto-brightness

The iPhone has an ambient light sensor which adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the amount of ambient light to save energy. Go to Settings – Display and Brightness (Brightness & Wallpaper in iOS 7 – Move Auto-Brightness to On/Green.

Reduce screen brightness

The brighter the screen, the more power you’re using. By using the same slider in the example above, you can control the default setting of your screen. By dimming the screen you’ll be able to conserve more of your precious juice.

Stop motion and animations

Perhaps one of the coolest features of the iOS 7, depending on how nerdy you are, is Background Motion, which allows the app icons to move around independently of each other as you move your iPhone. Cool – yes; but energy efficient? Absolutely not. Turn if off by tapping Settings – General – Accessibility – Reduce Motion – Move Slider to On/Green.

Turn your Wi-Fi off

If you’re in an area that offers Wi-Fi, using Wi-Fi is more energy efficient than cellular data. However, leaving your Wi-Fi on constantly in the hope of finding a hotspot is sure to drain your juice. Go to Settings – Wi-Fi – Slide to Off/White.

And there you have it, 8 sure-fire ways to keep your iPhone battery alive and kicking for longer.

If these tips still don’t improve your battery life then we advise you to get in contact with us to arrange an appointment to examine and replace your defective battery.

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