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Water Damage

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Water Damage Repair Norwich

So what happens when your iPhone gets damaged with liquid?…

Well we all know the two don’t really mix and your device will need treating before you begin to use it again (If its not partially working). When water gets into your smartphone is causes corrosion & oxidation. Many different things can occur to your device when water enters the frame. Resistance begins to drop, components break down and the solder joints will suffer as the corrosion spreads.

The corrosion causes cracks and pits where the current of electricity used to flow freely. Once these form it can then cause the device to short out and effectively destroy the motherboard.

corroded iphone logic board
Above we can see where the water has caused corrosion on the iPhone logic board.


How can this be repaired?


Liquid damage repairs require a full strip down of the device and a thorough internal clean to remove any corrosion or debris caused by the liquid.

The device will need to be stripped, shields removed from the logic board exposing components underneath where the liquid may have ingress into.

Using specialist solutions we are able to clean the phone to remove any damage caused by the liquid and then repair the problems its left behind.

Water damage repairs Norwich

By drying your phone out you will increase the chances of a successful repair. Please click the link HERE for a helpful guide to drying out your smartphone.

If you have any further questions about the process please contact us.

Our water damage service is an assessment service only.
The price includes an internal clean but any components required are charged at their respective prices.

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