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Computer Repair Norwich

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Quality and affordable Computer & Laptop repairs in Norwich.


Computer repair Norwich

A2B Computer Services are the leading provider of computer repair and laptop repair service to home and business users across Norwich. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals can provide solutions to most of your problems via remote access. However, if that’s not possible, our engineer will come to you, same day, to repair your pc. We are providing support in Norwich as well as around Norfolk and Nationwide.

We render our services to both business and home users. We’ll send our technician to fix your laptop or computer in the convenience of your own home. If  our engineer is unable to fix the issue at your place, they’ll take your pc with them, fix it and return it back to you as soon as possible. However, we do not charge anything extra for our pickup and delivery service, this is what makes us stand out from our competitors.

To keep things simple and convenient for the residents of Norwich, we, A2B Computer Services, offer fix rates, hourly rates, and even some repair packages. We have highly regarded technicians who always take care of your needs, offering you best possible advice for avoiding any problems in times to come.
So for any computer repair in Norwich – Think A2B Computer Services.

Computer Virus Removal 

A virus in a laptop or computer can slow it down to a significant level and may also corrupt the operating system as well. If you need a virus removal for your laptop or computer that is infected with a virus and don’t know yet about the problem then we can identify it quickly. A computer infected with virus shows some common issues like unnecessary freezing, slow performance, blue screen problem, frequent OS crashes and some other similar problems.

An OS virus known as Spyware would steal any private information stored on your hard disk like bank login information, files, passwords, etc. and can send it over to some fraudster who might have infected your device.

We offer support and service 24/7. It is highly recommended to perform a thorough scan through a reliable anti-virus software at least once every month and also to keep the anti-virus software as well as your OS updated. If you think your machine is infected then never compromise your private information and make sure that it is fixed as soon as it is possible.

Hardware Repair Service

At A2B Computer Services we come to diagnose your machine to find out which parts are malfunctioning and whether they need a repair or should be replaced. Once the diagnosis has been complete and you want our technicians to continue with the repair, our first priority is to fix your machine onsite. However, if that’s not possible then our staff members will take you machine with them to our workshop which is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and parts so that the problem can be fixed effectively. During this time, we’ll keep you posted about work progress on your machine.

We fix every make and model. Some of our  hardware repair services are listed below:

Laptop Screen Replacements
Hard Drive Recovery, Repair or Upgrade
Power Jack Repair
Keyboard Replacements
Water Damage Repair
Overheating Repairs
Power Button Replacement and much more…


Do you repair laptops?

Yes. We repair all makes, all models and all sizes.

What repair services do you offer?

We repair everything from a virus on your system to a laptop power jack. Please contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

If i use you for my repair, will i lose any data?

A2B Computer Services will not remove any of our clients data whilst undertaking repairs. Rest assured you are in safe hands.


we must strongly advise that a back up is performed prior to sending your device in for repair as we cannot be held responsible for data loss that could be caused by factors out of our control (Virus, Hardware failure etc.)
Details can be found on how to back your data up Here.

Do you build or sell computers?

Yes and yes!
We can custom build a machine to your specification or budget. With so many quality parts on the market we can tailor a package that suits your requirement.
Because of so many variables we cannot offer that in our shop so you would need to Contact us by filling out the quotation screen on the Homepage with your request.

We do sell new and refurbished products in our store. Why not take a look at what is currently available by clicking Here.

Our most common repairs (%)

Virus Removal
Hard Drive Replacement
Hardware Upgrades

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